Call for new Scientix Ambassadors

Scientix is looking for dynamic, motivated and creative teachers to join our Teachers’ Panel

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Call for Scientix Ambassadors

The 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign

See the record-breaking results of our annual campaign!

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Three Rs MOOC Rerun

Inform your students about Replacing, Reducing and Refining animal use in science!

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Eurostat videos: engage your students with statistics

Inspire your students to play with statistics by integrating Eurostat videos in the classroom!

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 Eurostat videos
Scientix interview series  

This short video compiles several testimonials from National Contact Points and from the representatives of the Ministries of Education STEM Working Group on how Scientix has reached out to teacher communities and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry- based and other innovative, effective and engaging approaches to STEM education.

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Latest project

STEP, STEM To Environmental Problems

STEP is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership for higher education project carried out by Austrumlatvijas Tehnologiju vidusskola (Latvia), Asociatia Edulifelong (Romania), Eskisehir Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu and SEHIT MEHMET SENGUL FEN LISESI (Turkey), Institute Perspectives (Bulgaria) and Osrodek Badawczo Edukacyjny w Zielonowie (Poland) Taking small STEPs to solve the problems in the immediate environment will be a big STEP in finding solutions to the global environmental problems.

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MOST – Meaningful Open Schooling Connects Schools To Communities

The H2020 project MOST (Meaningful Open Schooling Connects Schools To Communities) opens up formal science education and establishes partnerships between schools and their communities (families, science education providers, citizens, businesses, etc.). Together, they work on environmental School-Community Projects (SCPs) with a thematic focus on waste management and energy saving.

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Latest News

10 years of Amgen Teach

The Amgen Teach programme offered the opportunity to teachers to share best practices at a national as well as transnational level across 10 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey). The programme was designed to improve the quality of teachers’ didactic activities (mainly in biology, chemistry, natural science), reaching directly over 6,500 teachers and indirectly over 550,000 students in the participating countries, from 2014 to 2021.

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Digital SkillUp: accessible courses on emerging technologies and digital transformation

The Digital SkillUp (DSU) , a new EU-funded online learning initiative, has arrived to help you find your way to improve your understanding and knowledge around emerging technologies and digital transformation. Learn how to make the most of them in both professional and personal contexts with its free online courses!

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